Meet Marie-Eve Provencher

Inner Light Facilitator

A dear friend once said to me, “You are an alchemist”, which initially gave me pause.

On reflection, alchemy is the practice of transformation through love.

Metaphorically, the alchemist, once she has been able to transmute her own challenges, wounds and resistances through self-love, is able to transform metal into gold... gold being symbolic of Love.

I was born with the gift of quickly and deeply connecting to people, and of putting them immediately at ease, feeling safe and heard.

Being able to see beyond the veils of personality and ego and all the learned masks that we adopt in life to protect ourselves, I reflect back to them their own inner beauty.

Utilizing these gifts, supported by years of practice through many different modalities of holistic healing, I will support you in uncovering and speaking your truth, so that you may stand in your essence and inhabit fully your power.

I will help you to free yourself from the prisons of your own mind, prisons that we as humans build from the inner wars that we fight.

I invite you to step out of your comfort zone in order to get closer to your true nature. Step by step I will guide you and hold a safe space for you to fully reconnect with  yourself.

Through this journey, you will rebirth yourself into the world; softly, trustfully, and fully sovereign.

One person at a time, I aim to change the world, by opening hearts and minds to more light, more love and more joy through the beautiful practice of alchemy!