My Services

All of my services aim at creating a greater connection to your higher self, and are better suited for those who already are on their spiritual journey.

It is done with love, in a space of unconditional acceptance for who you are. 

My mission is to help you realize how truly beautiful and powerful you are.



Who are you really, behind the mask of your personality? What is your essence like, what is your soul signature? Some people can read maps. I can't (even if my dad was a geographer!). But I can tap into your soul's essence. During these sessions, we connect to your higher self, and I give you a description of what I sense, what I feel, what I "see". I translate it for you in a way that you will understand and integrate in your being. It often resonates like a confirmation, like something you had always known deep inside, but that somehow, you had forgotten about. It will leave you feeling empowered. Feeling seen and heard at the deepest of your core. Feeling validated in your deepest truth.




Holding Hands


"The longest journey you will ever take is the 18 inches from your head to your heart.” Indeed, it is quite a journey. We have epiphanies, we stumble, we get back up, we have other epiphanies, we fall again...

The journey back to our true self can be quite a challenging one. A very rewarding one, too.

And probably the most important of your entire life.

You don't have to walk that path alone. I can help you through this.

I will hold space for you so you can express what is there and make sense out of it.

I can be the light house that will help you safely get to this very important destination: your true self!



Woman hands holding the sun at dawn. Fre


Let me take you on a journey where you will meet with your full potential. Where you will feel fully just how limitless you are. Where you will feel the unconditional love that is the fabric of the Universe. Within that space, you will be able to regenerate, to heal, to connect fully to your higher self. It will help you shed what is no longer needed, reconnect with some parts of yourself... Each session is different, following your being's needs This will leave you feeling a deep sense of belonging, deep gratitude, a great inner calm, and great anchorage.

Between 30 and 45 mins


Helping Hands


More to come about this SOON!!!