Dear beautiful tribe sister Marie-Eve, 
I would like to thank you for your precious work.
You came at the right time on my journey! 
You made me feel and see my inner power, beauty and light.
Most of my life I was not able to see which gift was given to me. And I did not believe in my power. With everything you said, I DID and still DO!
You truly are an inner light facilitator! ️️️
I can feel that you are well connected to higher spirits.
During the whole session I felt well protected and comforted by your loving and caring energy.  It was easy for me to open up to you.
What a great gift you have. 
Let it grow and shine!

Much love from Germany, Christine 

Thank you Marie-eve for such a beautifully resonant intuitive reading. It was a perfect tonic for where I am at in my journey right now, and a beautiful beacon of light for where I am heading. You've helped me so much in taking that leap of faith and diving in to my truth. What a gift you have.  

Lucy, Brighton, UK

Today I had the extraordinary gift of a session with Marie-eve Provencher. I had no idea what to expect but I was completely  blown away. Within minutes I felt more comfortable with her than I can remember feeling in so long. Time seemed to dissolve as we deep dived into my life, my goals, my fears, my anxieties; and the energy flowed between us in the most delightful way.  I ended that session feeling seen and validated on an unprecedented level and I now know what it will be like to stand fully in my power as I did so during this session and I felt celebrated for it. Marie-eve you have given me a tremendous gift and I thank you from the bottom of my soul.

Anyone who is battling with self-doubt or insecurity about taking their place in the world, I would highly recommend you book a session with this very gifted lady.


Janice, South Africa


I didn't know what kind of service Marie-eve offers but I was drawn to the picture of her smiling face instantly, so I decided to have a session with her.

I knew she has powerful energy as I sensed her presence even before our session has started.

She calls her session 'intuitive healing conversation'. Indeed it was more like a conversation with a friend than a session with a therapist.

Her gentle approach made me at ease straight away, and it allowed me to feel safe and comfortable to open up my vulnerable side - which I tend not to share with others.

Connecting through our hands (through a computer screen), she picked up my essence. She identified what I considered as my shortcomings and allowed them to be a part of my offering to the world. Her gentle yet powerful energetic push gave me the courage I needed to take further step into my role - which yet to be identified but developing nicely.

I invite anyone who is seeking a clarity and assurance for who you are and what you are here to do to have a 'conversation' with her.


Terumi, New Zealand

Dear Marie-Eve Provencher, thank you for your life altering session. You have held the space so lovingly, unconditionally and from a place of deep peace and grace.

Your guidance, insights and the way you express it is unparalleled. I feel fully seen, loved, accepted and supported. A gift so rare and exquisite propelling me forward to go on a journey knowing your soul light will shine the path as and when needed.

You have the rare capacity to hold space, be with the process and step in gently, kindly yet fully present and absolutely anchored in your soul, your greater aspect. A wonderful teacher and healer of sovereignty - I own myself, my choices and my path. I am the creator, the observer and the actor all at once.

From your inner place of zero point field, ultimate alignment you help others to access and align from that place within too. You are a beautiful gift to humankind!

I am so grateful, deeply touched and forever changed.


From all my heart - thank you!

Katarina, UK

Well I must tell you of my experience with Marie-eve Provencher ...So I had a session with the lovely, gentle soul Marie-Eve and it was just so nourishing and nurturing and she really took me from a place of angst and helped me to just chill, breath and accept myself exactly where I am...Marie-eve Provencher was able to access my energy and intuit advice and guidance that was so apt and pertinent...I am just so grateful and really found my stuck energy just shift and dissolve into gentle acceptance..Marie -Eve I cannot thank you enough it was such and honour to feel cared for by you with your gifts and wisdom. Yep you were exactly what I needed and you were such an encouraging and soothing balm. You certainly have much to offer with your natural gifts. I can see you will be a real asset and help many people..Bless you so much and sincerely much gratitude ! xx ...

Janey, Melbourne, Australia

I want to write a testimonial for Marie-eve Provencher.

As soon as I saw her face pop up on my Zoom window I felt comfortable. Her energy is welcoming and gentle, which relaxed me immediately. She asked me to hold my palm up, facing her, so that she could connect with my energy. I felt instant tingling in my hand. Her eyes were closed and I closed mine. Our energy connected. She described my energy to me.

6 months ago I connected with my energy during a beautiful crystal singing bowl, sound healing. It was the first time I saw what I really look like. Marie-Eve described EXACTLY what I had seen then. It was such a beautiful confirmation, or reminder. The whole session was a profound reaffirmation of the path I am on, and she suggested ways I can continue to support myself.

Thank you so much, beautiful

Cyndi, USA